Zoho – Green, Ethical and Socially Sustainable

ZOHO - Green, Ethical and Socially Sustainable

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You may already know that Sridhar Vembu is the founder and CEO of Zoho Corporation. If you search for him on YouTube, you’ll find that he’s very vocal about subjects ranging from building a business without financial backers to business resilience in a constantly changing world.

He’s also a huge believer in corporate social responsibility and sustainability in a business sense. If you have time to watch this interview, he can explain it much better than me.

I personally watched him speak about his philosophy of transnational localism at a recent Zoho Partner event (online) and came away feeling good about working with a company that is both talking the talk and walking the walk when it comes to its relationship with people. This ethical standpoint pays particular attention to:

  • More local production to balance local consumption
  • Urban to rural reverse migration to lower the cost of living for employees
  • Ever improving cloud technology which holds the potential to revive rural areas

It’s easy to look at this in a jaded way and say, Zoho is a multi million dollar enterprise, they don’t care about people, just profit, but Sridhar Vembu really does care. Of course, he recognises that by relocating to rural areas he can save money, he’s a businessman after all, but he also sees that investing in training and ultimately keeping your people happy is important too.

His philosophy is also good for the environment. Smaller regional offices means less travel, as does the ability to work in the cloud in the first place. Zoho’s state of the art green datacentres, like this one, are already dotted all over the world. 

Green Servers - Compost toilet 

The team at MOBIX are also doing our bit. Most of us work from home which means no commute. Even better, those who do work in the office get to use our zero waste compost toilet! 

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