Struggling with Management of Remote Teams?

Struggling with Management of Remote Teams?

Struggling-with-Management-of-Remote-Teams - MOBIX
If you’re anything like me, you’ll skim through, or completely ignore, product updates that appear on your ZOHO apps when you login. They always seem to catch me at the wrong time and/or running to a meeting or call. A bit like those pesky Windows updates! Luckily, that didn’t happen when the new features of ZOHO Cliq were announced last week. And they came at exactly the right moment for a conversation I was having with a ZOHO One User struggling to keep track of their remote team. 
Like many businesses they’ve been forced to adapt to working from home much more quickly than they would have liked and while most of the team have taken to it like ducks to water, some are proving a little harder to manage. This has been helped with the use of Time Doctor for time tracking, but they have found its built in integration with ZOHO apps a little lacking. 
Following a brief exchange with our ZOHO Creator certified developers, my suggestion was to use a combination of these new Cliq features alongside a Creator app built specifically to bridge the gaps in the Time Doctor integration.

A bit too Big Brother? Or a necessary evil?

The beauty is, you decide which of the following, if any, you want your team to use:
This check-in process really is as easy as it looks and there’s no need for a concierge.
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Here’s where it may get a bit creepy, but if you do have a team member who isn’t always where they should be, ie at their desk, it’s an easy way to say ‘I’m watching you’ without the need for time consuming disciplinary procedures. If they ignore the hint, you probably have bigger problems to be honest!

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Does anyone else do a double take when they see the abbreviation WFH?. I always see WTF, oops! Anyway, with Cliq you can easily see who’s Available, Away or Busy by default. Have some fun adapting them though, by all means!

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Much less ‘I’m watching you’ and more ‘I trust you as an adult to act professionally’ the more granular status options allow you to see exactly what is keeping your team busy.

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If this is something that interests you or you’d like to find out more about what the wider world of ZOHO One has to offer, 

MOBIX can also provide a full flash audit (worth up to €490), free of charge. With it see how your current systems can be adapted to changes in the way your team work. 

Now that we’re all starting to come up for air it would seem like the perfect time, as it’s looking like remote work is here to stay for those able to do it. All we ask you to do is tag MOBIXSAS as your company’s partner with ZOHO.