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Gain More Insight into Sales with Three Types of CRM Reports

            individual and the activities performed to achieve the target, is important while calculating the
            monthly sales target. You may try these performance-based reports in Zoho CRM that serves to

            measure the progress
            of individuals in your team. More importantly, to check the overall quality of the service you provide
            to the customers:

               •   Sales Person’s Performance Report

               •   Sales Cycle Duration across Owner

               •   Lead Conversion Count across Owners

            Revenue Based Reports

            How much revenue is your business making? How

            much does each region or line of product contribute
            to the overall profit? Your sales may be great in one

            region but not in the other!

            Knowing everything about the monthly revenue, the
            lead source that gives you more business, percentage
            of target achieved, etc. is important. Figuring out who

            your most profitable customers are can be difficult unless you have a detailed report of everything
            a customer buys and their purchase life cycle.

            Measuring your organization’s revenue and growth need not be very difficult with the right report
            in Zoho CRM.

               •   Sales by Lead Source

               •   Pipeline by Probability/Stage

               •   This Month Sales

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