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Gain More Insight into Sales with Three Types of CRM Reports

            While you are busy calculating and assigning the sales target for your team, it is always helpful to
            go back and analyze what brought more deals to a closure. As you ponder over it, you may come

            across a lot of questions.

                                                     What is the average time taken for leads to
                                                     complete the sales cycle?

                                                     In a month, how many  leads are being
                                                     converted to customers?

                                                     Who are the Star Performers in your sales team?

                                                     What are the regions that generate more business?

            It is possible that you are not quite sure of the answers to these questions that you ask yourself on
            a regular basis… Accurate numbers are required. So what do you do now? Of course! You pull a
            variety of reports with the required filters to get the information that you need. But do these reports
            provide insights to effectively manage your sales process and sales team!

            Zoho CRM’s Reports will help you out at this point...

            We can distinguish three main categories of reports in Zoho CRM that will provide value to your
            business. They can help you identify the metrics that drive more sales so that you can spend your
            time and effort in the right place.

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