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Gain More Insight into Sales with Three Types of CRM Reports

            Time Based Reports

            Hundreds and thousands of leads do not guarantee

            increased sales. The secret of successfully converting
                                                                                                    Stagnant leads
            qualified leads into sales lies in lead nurturing. And
            lead nurturing is effective  only with a thorough
            understanding of the lead nurture process.
            Do you have stagnant leads in your sales pipeline?

            How do you identify such leads and the extra time and effort taken for a successful conversion?
            Well, with the right report, you can.

            Time is money – goes an old saying and it’s hard to argue! Every minute, hour, day and year counts
            when you face the customer or a prospect. In the process of converting a lead to opportunity,
            timing is everything so how much is your time worth!

            Reports in Zoho CRM can help you with the proper analysis of the lead nurturing cycle. Take a look
            at some of these reports to calculate your valuable time and its effectiveness.

               •   Sales Cycle Duration across Lead Sources/Potential Type

               •   Overall Sales Duration across Lead Sources/Potential Type

               •   Lead Conversion across Industries/Owners

            People Based Reports

            Measuring the performance of your sales rep is

            crucial for your business. The sales metric used to
            measure the performance and effectiveness of sales
            rep vary. But knowing the right sales metric and
            getting the relevant information will help in identifying

            the strengths and weaknesses in your sales process
            – which sales rep is doing a great job and who needs
            to do better and requires a little coaching. Reports
            that give an insight on the target achieved by an

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