Automatically applies Proper Case to contact names, UPPER CASE to account names and UPPER CASE to cities, no matter what is typed.

This button will run a search of your contacts in Linked IN to  takes you to the results of this name in Linked In. More

This function updates a field in all the contacts related to an account when a field is updated in its parent account, for this function to work properly it is linked to a workflow with the same name. more

This extension will launch a search for a given company name in your leads and accounts module of your CRM More

The more you know your clients and prospects, the better you can run your sales process. That’s why MOBIX created Website Details Extractor, More

Engage better and close deals quicker with more details about your accounts. Run a search for company names from the accounts module of Zoho CRM, More

This function calculates the margin per deal in your CRM,  by substrating the total of the purchase orders  from total of the invoice in each deal. More

Update your CRM based on modifications made in a google sheets to keep your CRM updated all the time. More

Give a standard name to your deals, to keep consistency in your data, and monitor easily the status of all your deals in your CRM. More

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