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“We've been MOBIX customers since 2016, the working environment that the MOBIX team provide is without equal. The ZOHO solutions offered continue to be beyond our expectations. Our work has been greatly improved, freeing up time to focus on sales and our business. The MOBIX team is constantly listening and both reactive and proactive. Thank you !"
Site Director, Le Mas des Canelles (Miharu)
“With MOBIX we undertook the job of analysis and segmentation to better target our prospects. This action made it possible to properly configure our ZOHO set up and to improve the monitoring of prospecting work. ”

“ZOHO BOOKS is an essential tool for our customer follow-up. and has been in use now for several years. It is fun, practical, and easy to use... The MOBIX team still listen to our needs and are continuously improving our system."
Business Developer, Miharu
“MOBIX are very results-orientated, efficiently supporting the deployment of Toulouse Business School's MS Dynamics CRM. They involve the staff of our teams in a very operational and pragmatic way."
Development & Partnerships Director, Toulouse Business School
“I chose MOBIX for the implementation of our ZOHO environment for my franchisees. We now use Google Drive, ZOHO / ZOHO BOOKS and ZOHO CAMPAIGNS. MOBIX offer very pragmatic solutions with good support. I recommend MOBIX. ”
Sandrine QUEYROI
Franchise Manager, Easytri

The MOBIX ZOHO experts will support you to

Harness the power of ZOHO

ZOHO project deployment

MOBIX will support you throughout the deployment of your ZOHO project(s)

Beginning with the opening of your ZOHO account, MOBIX will advise you on best practices in terms of managing your data (ZOHO CRM, ZOHO Books, etc.). We will go over your business model with you so that your ZOHO environment adapts to you, not the opposite! Right through to the training of your teams and the resolution of your ZOHO questions, day by day, our team of ZOHO experts will accompany you from start to finish.

ZOHO business applications

MOBIX offers its customers tailored business applications based on ongoing knowledge of our customers’ businesses.

We can offer you specific ZOHO applications in the recruitment, real estate and travel industries

  • ZOHO Recruit
  • ZOHO Estate
  • ZOHO Travel
ZOHO training

A recognised expert in the world of ZOHO training, MOBIX is an approved training organisation (Datadocks).

We offer adapted and tailor-made training to make using ZOHO’s many tools a pleasure for your users.

ZOHO assistance

The MOBIX team are always available with a simple and efficient system for answering day-to-day questions about your ZOHO environment.

Our growing team of 10+ people will answer, by any means that suit you, any questions that you or your users may have about ZOHO.

ZOHO extensions

MOBIX has been developing ZOHO extensions for more than a year, to allow you to increase the power of your ZOHO environment.

Our Zoho extensions will allow you to :

  • Set up automations to maintain your data quality, regardless of how your users enter it. E.g. the company names, first names and last names of your contacts can be formatted in a consistent way.
  • Connect external databases to enrich your data (VAT codes, email search)
  • Transfer data within a ZOHO application or data between ZOHO applications

Essential ZOHO integrations

 to get the most out of their apps

Zoho is a complete suite of business applications, covering everything from sales and support to accounting.

But you might find that you’re drawn to a variety of other commercial apps to help you.

In this landscape of limitless applications, the combination of them is not only possible, it is actually a good way to strengthen your business.

It means you get the most out of all the apps by combining them into your existing stack of apps.

1- Integration of ZOHO Books for your quotes and invoices

If Zoho CRM is the star of the ZOHO range, its full potential is only deployed when CRM is integrated with Zoho Books which is a hyper advanced accounting system. Once you have entered your various bank accounts, it will handle money transfers from one account to another and apply debits and credits appropriately, so there will no longer be countless reports to assess the performance of your business. ZOHO Books, via powerful analytics, displays your turnover and expenses directly in your dashboard. Simplify your accounting and opt for ZOHO Books.

2- Integration of Zoho Sign for electronic signatures

ZOHO Sign, once integrated into your Zoho CRM is extremely effective. Indeed, it is proven that the signing of a quote or a contract is greatly accelerated thanks to the electronic signature. The decision maker no longer needs to print the document to sign it, scan it and send it back to you. And the icing on the cake, you can set up automatic sequences. Of course, then all of the information related to your signing process can be tracked in your accounts, contacts or opportunities modules.

3- Integration of Zoho Survey to conduct satisfaction questionnaires or surveys

The satisfaction of your customers is essential for the sustainability of your business. In addition, in order to better understand your markets and your potential customers, you could decide to conduct surveys or polls. To carry out its actions, Zoho Survey is the application you need. Easy to configure and completely integrated at your ZOHO CRM, the ZOHO Survey product will allow you to go that bit further in your customer relationships.

4- Integration of Zoho Campaign for email advertising

Email marketing applications are manifold, some have great models, others have incredible workflows. Try a few, and work with the model that best fits your marketing strategy. We recommend that you look for an email marketing platform that allows you to segment your customers and potential customers based on the parameters determined by your marketing and sales teams. In this way, you can create highly targeted messaging campaigns. So you stay in touch with your potential and existing customers.

5- MailChimp or MailJet

Some applications that work well with Zoho CRM are MailChimp or MailJet. They require specific integration.