This assistance contract is concluded between the undersigned: MOBIX SAS , registered in the trade and companies register of TOULOUSE, under the number 523 102 234, whose registered office is: Bât.B – In Callou – 31460 CARAMAN, represented by Mr Thomas SOULIER, its President, hereinafter referred to as ” the Contractor  ” and: The signatory company  hereinafter referred to as ”  the Customer ” jointly referred to as  “the Parties ” or individually ”  the Party ” .  The Provider is a company specializing in the sector of specialized, scientific and technical activities related to digital solutions and consulting with companies. The Client has requested the expertise and technical assistance of the Provider for the services indicated, and in particular for interventions with the Client’s users. The Customer has read our General Terms and Conditions of Sale available on our website: Art.1. The subject of the contract The purpose of this contract is to define the conditions under which the Customer and its users benefit from the maintenance of the services and products sold or deployed by MOBIX at the Customer and the remote assistance in the use of your various digital tools. and collaboration.

Art.2. The assistance procedure Requests for assistance are made by paying one of the packs presented. This gives rise to  the opening of an opportunity , an acknowledgment of receipt and quick support by the MOBIX support team. MOBIX’s ticket management system ensures traceability. The Service Provider is bound by an  obligation of means regarding the processing of tickets opened by the Customer.

Art.3. The areas of assistance

Other areas

By becoming a MOBIX client for ZOHO Suite support, you will be attached to our ZOHO Partner Console, which allows us to access priority advanced support for ZOHO server-level interventions with the dedicated ZOHO team. to Partners. This is set up through a partner attachment key.  ALL OTHER ACTIVITIES AGREED BETWEEN THE PARTIES

Art.4. Pricing 

As part of this contract, your company must be registered in the MOBIX ZOHO partner portal. 


  • S pack: 4 hours of work – 360 € HT
  • The pack, 8 hours of work – 640 € HT
  • XL pack, 16 hours of work – 960 € HT

Art.5. Billing and payment terms Paid by credit card (100% secure by Stripe) and your ZOHO account must be mapped to our official ZOHO portal reseller in accordance with our obligations to ZOHO. An invoice will be sent to you upon receipt of payment, 3-5 business days.

Payment terms:  Click to buy (via Stripe) By signing this contract, you authorize  MOBIX to send instructions to your bank to debit your account, and your bank to debit your account in accordance with MOBIX’s instructions. You have the right to be reimbursed by your bank according to the conditions described in the agreement that you have with it.

Art.6. Duration and termination of the contract This Agreement enters into force from the date of signature and is concluded for the duration of the pack

Art.7. Confidentiality The Provider will consider as strictly confidential, and prohibited to disclose, any information, document, data or concept, which he may be aware of during the present contract. The claimant, however, can not be held responsible for any disclosure if the disclosed material was in the public domain at the time of disclosure, or if it became aware of it, or obtained from third parties by legitimate means. Art.8.

Disputes The contract is governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with French law. The courts of the registered office of the Provider shall have sole jurisdiction over any dispute relating to the contract.

MOBIX SAS PROVIDER Mr. Thomas Soulier,  President 

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