New features for list view in Zoho CRM

New features for list view in Zoho CRM

We recently explored the new Canvas View for Zoho CRM, but it doesn’t allow you to filter and shape your views of more than one record. To do that you need to look at the List View and recent changes there have made it more sleek, contextual, and useful helping you to find what you need faster.

If you’ve not yet found them all, here are just a few pointers. 

First of all, you’re going to want to know how to switch between the various views. You may remember that there used to be separate icons for the list, Kanban, and canvas views. Now, they are grouped together in one dropdown. Did you know that Kanban means ‘visual signal’ in Japanese?

This is one that may have eluded you, even though it’s been active for a while. Just hover on the dividers between the column headers and change the size to suit. 

And if you want to shrink your columns some more you can wrap the text rather than clip it. You find this option in the Manage Columns section.

Keep an eye on this link for further updates or drop us a line so we can do it for you!