New blueprint version 3.0 for Zoho CRM

New blueprint version 3.0 for Zoho CRM

Blueprints have been available in Zoho CRM for some time now, but are constantly being updated and improved. To bring you up to speed, in case you aren’t using them at all yet, they allow you to:

  • Define the sequence of stages in a process
  • Associate actions or people to each step of these processes
  • Guide your teams through the execution of processes relevant to them
  • Mandate and validate important information contextually 
  • Automate routine or repetitive actions

The blueprint builder has an easy drag and drop interface that allows you to visualise the flow of your processes. It uses the following two main elements to do this:

States – the stages that a record should pass through in any given process

  • Qualification
  • Negotiation
  • Discount Approval

Transitions – The requirements that allow a record to move from one state to the next

  • Qualification —-> Negotiate —-> Negotiation

It was really cool in its original incarnation, but recent developments have seen the addition of even more game changing features. Not limited to:

Same state looping

Before this was added, it was impossible to transition from one state to another until the job in question had been completed. What’s the problem there? Well, it could take several attempts to get a document signed, or to reach somebody on the phone, and your team will want to be acknowledged for the amount of effort this takes. Now everyone can see just how many times they’ve tried and maybe even use that information to adapt the process to improve it for the future.  

Automatic transitions

Blueprint already allows the addition of SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to notify the relevant user(s) whenever there is an escalation, but the buck then stops there. If that user does nothing, the record stays in that particular state until somebody notices and does something about it. 

This is why Zoho have added automatic transitions, to help combat process delays. The system doesn’t now need manual intervention and will automatically move a record from one state to another at any point.

Parallel transitions

Imagine being allowed to add more than one transition between states! This new development in Zoho CRM gives blueprint users much more flexibility when it comes to multiple transitions that need to be executed simultaneously to get to the next state. 

There are too many other changes to list here, so keep an eye on these links for further early access and roll out ETAs. 

Alternatively, you can let us know your requirements and we’ll keep you updated of any new developments that may fit them. We may even be able to help you streamline those business processes. Contact us now!