Being an Ambassador for MOBIX involves :

Working with a team of passionate and committed experts

Participation in the development of the business 

digitalisation market

The pleasure of working in an environment of trust and mutual respect

Unlimited additional income

And finally … having the opportunity to speak in any of Three different languages ​​🙂 

English, French, Spanish 

What’s in it for me financially?

MOBIX have a desire for total transparency in all of our relationships:

For all new customers, MOBIX pay our ambassadors a commission of 10% of turnover excluding taxes * for the provision of consulting, assistance and training services for the first pack bought. Then 5% for additional packs.

The commission does not include the amount of product licenses acquired directly from the publishers of software solutions and logistics costs.

* Payment of commission is net 30 days at the end of each month following receipt of payment from the recommended customer. A connection is made by MOBIX as long as we are able to see a real need associated with an agreed budget. 

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